While Ed and Dan regularly work independently as solo operators and are available to be hired separately, if possible, we prefer to work together.

Together we can provide long lens, gimbal, drone, timelapse and macro services at competitive rates.

We can fit into specific roles on larger productions, or operate autonomously and self direct to deliver the sequence you need. Our experience directing and writing natural history films helps us to understand what a sequence needs in order to be successful. Not only the most beautiful shots but those shots which scaffold the sequence and allow the story to progress from one beat to the next. Productions can come to us with an idea for a sequence or story and we can be trusted to deliver the footage required. 


We have a network of contacts and reliable locations for Australia’s most spectacular animals and wildlife events. Australia presents many challenges from a natural history film perspective but our skills have been honed in Australia and our knowledge can help bring the Land Down Under to life in your film. We have experience operating in all parts of Australia.

We have the necessary training and experience to film in remote and challenging situations. We relish spending time out of our comfort zone, especially when it allows us to bring the lives of unique animals to the screen. 

Most of all, we pride ourselves on delivering complete sequences, that belong on among the best natural history sequences produced today.